It is tremendously hard to figure out what exactly I know. My skill set is very broad, and I am proud to say I am familiar with many facets of technology and computing. Though, given that I am interested in software architecting, I will keep this string of words reasonable.

If you want to know if I know something, e-mail me!

AWK, Apache, Apple Cocoa, Apple OS X, Apple iOS, C, Code Analysis, Ethernet, Exploit Research, Firewalls, Flask (Python), FreeBSD, gdb, Git, Haskell, IP v4/v6, ISC BIND/DHCP, Intrusion Analysis, JSON, JavaScript, LaTeX, Linux, make, Markup (HTML, XML, CSS, reStructuredText, Markdown), Objective-C, OpenLDAP, PHP, POSIX, Perl, Postfix, Python, sed, shell (sh, bash, csh) Swift, TCP, Twisted (Python), WebSocket, WebAssembly, Microsoft Windows, Xcode